Places To Get Deals On Online Poker

What infuriates me is when a person sets such goals without any plan for their implementation. For example, a player might say, “I am going to earn $ 50,000 this year in poker,” but he has no idea how he is going to achieve this goal. In truth, monetary goals in themselves are an idea so-so (money should not be a goal, but a means).

But even if you do not delve into this topic, it is still 먹튀검증업체 to think over the way how exactly you are going to achieve the planned.Will he play cash games, or poker tournaments ? How often? When will he begin to switch to another limit, if necessary? The answer to these and other questions is simply necessary to at least begin to move towards your goal.

Setting monetary goals

Let’s face it – you can only partially control the amount of money you earn in online poker . People like to set monetary goals, because they are easy to work with (progress towards this goal is obvious), and besides, we all love money! But the problem is that Lady Luck plays a huge role in online poker . And it is she who sometimes decides how much you will win.

And despite the fact that your level of skills really affects the level of your earnings, and somewhere deep down you know that you are the next Daniel Coleman, you played perfectly this year, but still it ended for you minus.

Setting goals in an area where you have only partial control, dooms you to failure in advance, and nobody likes to lose. But even worse, because of these goals, you can begin to reduce the time of your session when you win (just to know that you ended the day in a minus), or vice versa, you can start delaying the session, trying to win back what you already lost. In any case, such an approach to the game does not end well.

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